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Christian Jensen

Host, Producer & Entreprenuer

This is My Story

I, Christian Jensen, founded my company back in 2011. I started my career working for a Danish TV station as a runner 2004 and fell in love with the TV world. Ever since, I have trained and worked in various fields of the industry, enabling myself to edit, film, host, produce, design, code, social marketing, execute & innovate.


Here is a short resume:

The last 5 years I have been hosting & producing more then 500 webnews episodes about the danish industry (IndustriNews).

Created a B2B Export platform www.allxport.com for danish manufactores & Subcontractors (free to join)

I have been hosting more then 1000 hours of Live TV Game Shows on national TV

Hosting the danish version of E-News from Hollywood /32 episodes

Created a Mobile App talent Show called: Celfii – The mobile talent show free to download in Google Play Store

Stage Manager/Production ass. on more then 250 episodes on national danish TV.

References: Rundfunk TV2, Good evening Denmark TV2, The Tonight Show (DR), DR Summer Programs, Denmarks Next Comedy Star (SBS TV), Talk Show TV2 Zulu, Tv2 Zulu Award..

and a lot more…..